Process engineering is an engineering science that deals with the physicochemical and biological transformations of energy and raw material resources to obtain products with use values targeted by increasingly demanding consumers. It must meet the scientific and technological needs of the process industries, i.e. competitiveness, satisfaction of changing economic demand, innovative design and compliance with societal and environmental constraints. Through the development of concepts and innovative methodologies, it must take up the challenge of proposing sustainable processes and technology for green products in the circular economy.
This requires a scientific process involving an integrated system approach that is multidisciplinary and multi-scale in length and time, applied to the various molecular processes and the often coupled transfers of matter, heat and quantity of movement that occur at the different nano-, micro- and mega-scale levels of the (bio)chemical production chain. This multi-scale process engineering modeling and simulation approach combines both a “market pull” appeal and a “technology push” demand for technological innovation. It is strongly focused on the engineering of “green products/green processes” and on the intensification of processes, to produce much more and in a better way, while consuming much less, and to produce more sustainable molecules that meet the environmental and economic challenges of the circular economy.
To do this, Process Engineering develops the concepts of smart manufacturing, digital twins, big data and additive manufacturing that are required to design the tools and technologies of the plant of the future of Industry 4.0.

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