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300 + titles per year published in French within our collections

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We publish:
— 350 + titles per year translated into English, co-published with WILEY or ELSEVIER
— SCIENCES, translated into English and co-published with WILEY
— SCIENCES and a selection of titles from the collections are published by ISTE International in Spanish

Our e-books at 9,90 €

All our French e-books are available at the single price of €9.90 to enable scientific and technological information to be broadcast as far as possible.
All French books are printed in full color for improved readability.

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ISTE Group has published over
2,000 scientific and technical books in both English and French

ISTE is an independent international publishing company based in London, with publishing interests across the science, technology and humanities sector. Our French books are also usually published in English and Spanish.

ISTE publishes:
- collections of books – 300 titles per year in both French and English (English co-published with WILEY or ELSEVIER),
- SCIENCES, which will include more than 800 titles from 2019 onwards, all published in French by ISTE-Editions and in English by ISTE-WILEY,
- 24 OpenScience journals which are completely open access.

The ISTE scientific committee - made up of leading experts in the scientific, technical and human sciences - guides the editorial strategies. It is supported in this task by more than 600 high-level scientists and researchers who evaluate the texts that are submitted to ISTE for publication.

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