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Editorial projects

Submit a Manuscript

You can submit your book projects by downloading and completing the
manuscript proposal form.


Propose a Set

Sets bring together volumes on a specific scientific topic under a reasonably narrow generic title.
We always welcome propositions for new Sets – leaving it to you to suggest a suitable topic and authors for the different volumes.
The books must cover new research, the state of the art and possibly applications and societal consequences in the field.

Please send your proposals for these various projects to Chantal Ménascé (

The proposals concerning both a Set and an individual book will be appraised by a member of our editorial organization.
We accept books written in French (translation/adaptation in English to be provided by ISTE) or English.
Titles received in French are published by ISTE Editions (
Titles received in English are co-published with WILEY or ELSEVIER, ensuring a global distribution (


Participate in the ISTE SCIENCES project

Recently launched by ISTE, this unprecedented publication is based on the best researchers throughout the world.
SCIENCES will be published in French by ISTE Editions and in English by ISTE-Wiley. All books will initially be published in both French and English (all translations to be provided by ISTE). There are also plans to translate SCIENCES into Spanish.
If you wish to participate in this project, please contact Chantal Ménascé (


Templates and guidelines for authors

Templates and guidelines in both Word and LaTeX are available to download from the following links:

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems at or +44 208 879 4582.


Librarians – Media – Booksellers


Purchases, ebook licenses and subscriptions
to the fields within SCIENCES:
please contact Chantal Ménascé
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For any information request, please contact:
Chantal Ménascé
0044 208 879 4582



Orders should be addressed to:
NBN International
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