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Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Part 1. The Operational Reality of Co-design in LLSAs
1. The Living Lab: A Reality Belonging to a Collective History.
2. Running Co-design: Collaborative Projects and Co-design Sessions.
3. Problems and Methods of Involving Users in Co-development Projects.
4. Involving Industrialists.
Part 2. Challenges of Co-design and Independent Living
5. Co-design: Methodologies for Investigating, Developing and Sharing Knowledge in View of New Solutions for Future Use.
6. Co-design and Health Technology Assessment: Controlling and Establishing Reproducibility.
7. The Purposes and Reality of Collective Appropriation of Social Innovation.
Part 3. Diverse Perspectives on Co-design
8. Critique of the Living Lab Approach.
9. Co-design Methods.
10. Living Lab Approach and Learning.
11. Other Views.
Part 4. The LLSAs’ and the Forum’s Value Added
12. LLSA Solutions.
13. LLSA Typologies.

Robert Picard

Ingénieur général des Mines, Robert Picard est cofondateur du Forum LLSA. Il est également référent santé du conseil général de l’économie au ministère de l’Économie et l’auteur de nombreux rapports sur la valeur des technologies en santé.