262 pages - December 2023
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Part 1. Design of Symmetric-key Algorithms.
1. Introduction to Design in Symmetric Cryptography, Joan Daemen.
2. The Design of Stream Ciphers, Chaoyun Li and Bart Preneel.
3. Block Ciphers, Orr Dunkelman.
4. Hash Functions, Gilles Van Assche.
5. Modes of Operation, Gaëtan Leurent.
6. Authenticated Encryption Schemes, Maria Eichlseder.
7. MDS Matrices, Gaëtan Leurent.
8. S-boxes, Christina Boura.
9. Rationale, Backdoors and Trust, Léo Perrin.

Part 2. Security Proofs for Symmetric-key Algorithms.
10. Modeling Security, Bart Mennink.
11. Encryption and Security of Counter Mode, Bart Mennink.
12. Message Authentication and Authenticated Encryption, Tetsu Iwata.
13. H-coefficients Technique, Yannick Seurin.
14. Chi-square Method, Mridul Nandi.

Part 3. Appendices.
Appendix 1. Data Encryption Standard (DES), Christina Boura.
Appendix 2. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Christina Boura and Orr Dunkelman.
Appendix 3. PRESENT, Christina Boura.
Appendix 4. KECCAK, Christina Boura.

Christina Boura

Christina Boura is an associate professor at the University of Versailles, France, who works on symmetric cryptography. She is a well-recognized member of the cryptographic community, having served on many program committees and as editor-in-chief of the ToSC IACR journal.

María Naya-Plasencia

Maria Naya-Plasencia is a research director at Inria, France, who also works on symmetric cryptography. She obtained an ERC grant in 2016 and the Young Researcher Prize from Inria-Académie des Sciences in 2019, and has given several invited keynote talks.