Ioan R. Ionescu is Professor at the University of Paris 13, in the Department of Engineering Sciences. His area of expertise is computational solid mechanics and solid Earth geophysics.

Salima Bouvier is Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology of Compiègne in France. Her research fields include scale transition in metallic materials from an experimental point of view to constitutive modeling.

Oana Cazacu is currently Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (REEF) in Shalimar , Florida, USA. Her main research interests lie in theoretical and computational solid mechanics with a focus on multi-scale modeling of plasticity and damage in textured metals.

Patrick Franciosi is the director of the CNRS laboratory of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of materials (LPMTM) at the University of Paris 13. His main acknowledged field of excellence is crystalline plasticity and related mechanical outcomes.