Dominique Luzeaux has been employed by the French Ministry of Defense for over 20 years. He was Director of the Complex System Engineering Department from 2002 to 2004, and Chief Information Officer from 2005 to 2007. He is currently Director for Land Systems acquisition. He has written over 60 articles in international conferences and journals, and teaches robotics, theoretical computer science and system engineering at graduate level. He has co-authored a book on nanotechnology and microsystems, as well as books on systems of systems.

Jean-René Ruault was hired in 2004 by the French Ministry of Defense as an expert in systems engineering, standardization and human factors. He has published several articles on systems engineering and human-computer interactions, and was co-chairman of the ERGO-IA’06 conference as well as co-authoring books on systems of systems.

Jean-Luc Wippler has worked as a systems architect for over 20 years in fields such as defense systems, spatial systems, intelligence, and air traffic management. He has also been teaching systems engineering at graduate level for many years.