Denis Jalabert joined the institute of Nanosciences and Cryogenics at the CEA Grenoble in France 25 years ago. Since 1998, he has led the ion beam analysis activity of MINATEC/Grenoble and, more specifically, the Medium Energy Ion Scattering technique.

Ian Vickridge, CNRS Research Director in France, leads the SAFIR IBA platform of the Paris NanoSciences Institute, UPMC, Paris, France. Editor of Nuclear Instruments and Methods Section B since 2007, he has been involved in IBA for over 25 years.

Amal Chabli, CEA Research Director in France, is Senior Scientist at the Solar Technologies Department of the LITEN Institute, CEA, Grenoble, France. She has been involved in material characterization at the nanoscale in micro and nanotechnologies R&D for over 30 years.