Bernadette Sharp is Professor of Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Staffordshire University, UK. Her research interests include AI, natural language processing, and text mining. She has been Chair and Editor of the International Workshop for Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science since 2004.
Florence Sèdes is Professor of Computer Science at Toulouse University, France. Her research areas cover information systems and data management with applications dedicated to multimedia, metadata and mobility in ambient intelligence, social media and CCTV. She supervises a “smart restaurant” platform for emotion and social interaction analysis, and contributes to the ISO 22311 standard.
Wieslaw Lubaszewski is Professor at the Department of Computational Linguistics of the Jagiellonian University and Professor at the Computer Science Department of AGH, University of Technology, in Kraków, Poland. His research interests include natural language dictionaries, text understanding, knowledge representation, and information extraction.