Benoit Hilt is Assistant Professor of computer networking at the University of Haute-Alsace, France. His current research focuses on high mobility wireless communication, realistic simulation in the ITS domain and cooperative communication for autonomous driving.

Marion Berbineau is Research Director at IFSTTAR, France in wireless communications for vehicular applications (railway and automotive). Her research interests are mainly radio channel characterization and modeling, electromagnetic simulations, signal processing for telecommunications, performance evaluation at physical layers and GNSS applications.

Alexey Vinel is Full Professor in computer communications at Halmstad University, Sweden. His research interests include wireless communications and networking, cooperative intelligent transportation systems and autonomous driving.

Alain Pirovano is Professor at ENAC (French Civil Aviation University) and Head of the Communication Networks Research Group. His research activities focus on routing, reliability, and distributed systems particularly in the context of wireless ad hoc networks and aeronautical networks.