The ISTE-TC series is composed of short texts regarding cutting-edge research or practical applications from research results.
Being a compact volume of 40-120 pages, these texts cover a wide range of professional and academic subjects:
AI, Quantum Computing, Climate, Environment, Bioengineering, Health, Energies, New Technologies, etc.

A typical ISTE-TC volume can include:
– a presentation of recent research with some context for the reader
– a bridge between new research results published in journal articles and applications
– a snapshot of a hot or emerging topic
– an in-depth case study
– a presentation of fundamental concepts that students need to understand in order to be able to make independent contributions

Advantages for the author:
– presentation of new ideas and results in a concise volume
– publication and distribution as part of the ISTE Group’s digital book collections
– fast, global electronic distribution, standard publishing contracts, easy-to-use manuscript preparation guidelines and expedited production schedules

Manuscripts will be submitted for the approval of recorder appointed by the editorial managers.

Manuscript proposal form